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Ayesa completes their largest contract in water automation and telecontrol

The company has equipped the Taibilla Canals, which transport drinking water to over 2.5 million people, with intelligent systems.

Ayesa has successfully completed its largest water telecontrol project to date. After five years of activity, all works conferred upon the company by the Taibilla Canals Association have been completed for a sum of over €14 million. This organisation is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and is responsible for supplying drinking water to 79 localities in southeastern Spain including Murcia, Cartagena, Elche and Alicante. Through this activity, the association serves a population of over 2.5 million people, which increases to over three million during the summer. To do this, its primary canal network is 498 kilometres in length. The large surface area covered by the association has been one of the challenges faced by the Ayesa team, which has managed to successfully install measuring and control sensors and systems in 180 facilities and connect them via radio link on a private bandwidth, for which a high-capacity backbone network comprising 28 main nodes and an access network with almost 200 entry points has been built. Included in this total are 31 pumping stations, 112 reservoirs, 5 purification plants, the New Canal of Cartagena and more than 40 measuring stations, including one at the Taibilla dam.

The supervision, automation and control systems mean the transportation and storage of water can be managed intelligently, using remote realtime water level, quality and pressure management. The advanced technology deployed by Ayesa improves and facilitates operations, at the same time as reducing and optimising costs. Furthermore, it aids in decision-making, as the technical solution automatically generates operations plans.

There were two stages to the project: the first focused on primary facilities, and the second on smaller, auxiliary facilities. Professionals from various backgrounds were required for the successful execution of the project: from project and technical management to electrical engineers, telecontrol specialists, programmers and graphic designers.